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Tiki Ono is a new startup brand looking bring the fun to the rum cocktail market.


Brand Strategy

Concept Design

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Brand Strategy & Development

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and colorful tiki mugs often associated with tropical vacations, the brand aimed to create a visual identity that resonates with the lively and carefree spirit of beachside leisure.

Conceptualization and Research

The team conducted market research to understand current trends in the rum cocktail sector, focusing on brands that successfully evoke a sense of fun and vacation. Additionally, the team gathered a plethora of images of tiki mugs, tropical landscapes, and beach parties to immerse themselves in the visual language of the brand's desired ethos.

Visual Identity Development

We experimented with various color palettes and face expressions for each flavors charactor, integrating vivid and tropical hues. Sketches and digital mockups of logos featuring tiki motifs, beach elements, and playful typography were created revolving around POS . Packaging concepts included designs that would draw consumer attention.

Brand Story and Voice

The team crafted a narrative around "TIKI ONO" meaning 'Tiki Delicious' that highlighted the brand's dedication to bringing the joy and relaxation of a tropical vacation to the everyday consumer. The tone of voice was kept casual, inviting, and fun.

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