Mustang Woodcrafts Company

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Mustang Woodcrafts is a small handcrafted furniture shop located in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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At the start of the project, owner of the shop was looking for an alternative e-commerce shop to his successful Etsy page, but before that he needed a name and a brand identity.

Brand Identity

The owner gave us a good amount of freedom with the creation of the brand.

When brainstorming, there were a few things that played a huge role in the direction taken. His favorite color is red, his favorite car has always been the Ford Mustang (he even had one sitting in his garage), and he also has a deep connection to Arizona, where he lived for many years and owned his own horse. So why not name it Mustang with a different horse logo and a strong use of red to complement the brown color of the wood stains? Well that's what we did!

We were also excited to find the Sancreek font headings, as it really gave the shop a little touch of that Southwestern, Arizona feel.

Web Design

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