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Waukesha, Wisconsin
LEAN Manufacturing Products Pin Table Rendering
LEAN Manufacturing Products, LLC. is a small business from Waukesha, Wisconsin that creates products to help metal manufacturing companies become more organized.


Brand Strategy

Website Design / Dev


Content Creation

Print Design

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Brand Strategy

We worked with the team at LEAN Manufacturing Products to form a new direction for their existing brand strategy.

Much of the intention was to reflect the organizational purposes of their sheet metal manufacturing products into the overall image and message of the branding seen on their website and social media profiles - efficient, minimal and contemporary.

LEAN Manufacturing Products Brand Identity System

The colors chosen were reduced down from the original brand guidelines and push a blue and white scheme that is present in the products themselves. This also provided a stark contrast to the company's two main competitors in the market that utilize warmer reds and oranges.

We also decided on the tagline 'Discover your LEAN solutions" as a call to action which can be seen at the end of all video posts.

Content Creation

Another way we serve the company is through content creation for their various social media and internet profiles including Instagram & Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Rumble, and Google My Business.

The content ranges from informational scroll-through posts to reels and shorts, though a good amount of the work has moved into the filming of LEAN's customer testimonials that gives way to more exposure for both them and those who they have helped with their product portfolio.

The videos above can be found on LEAN Manufacturing Products YouTube Channel.

Web Design / Development


Search engine optimization has been a big focus for LEAN's digital marketing strategy as it should be for any competitive contemporary business.

We have worked closely along side their team to make sure all the necessary bases are covered when posting any content to their social media accounts. This includes focused keyword placement through file names, post titles and copyright, as well as hashtags and alt-text functions.

As a result, we observed a sharp increase in their SEO metrics compared to previous data including a 86.3% increase in Organic Traffic through the first five months.

Print Design

We have also designed a number of different printed physical assets to supplement the brand including flyers, packaging tape, hats and shirts.

LEAN Manufacturing Products Tape Design Project
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